View Full Version : Duplicate Artist in Itunes

Jun 24, 2011, 10:54 AM
I have an issue in Itunes that I need help solving. I have been trying to clean up my files and make sure all my artists and songs are listed together. I have several artists that when in the list view the artist does NOT show up on the left side with the artist, but when I scroll down all my songs I can eventually find the artist/songs it just takes much longer.

I also have had some trouble editing my artists name in itunes. Earlier in life I may have downloaded some files from not so legal locations and several of the artists names are off by a letter or a space so I am attempting to clean all that up and ensure I have just one listing for each artist. However, I have had several artists that I can not seem to edit. Is this because they were actually purchased in Itunes?

Fresh Tendrils
Jun 25, 2011, 12:00 AM
If songs are not showing up under the desired artist, it might be that there is a different name in the "Sort artist" field. This can occur sometimes if there is a guest artist on the song, or if the band has "The" at beginning of the title. When editing the track info, click on the Sorting option. For example, if your importing 2 CDs into itunes, and you rely on CDDB, the first cd might have 'The Who' in sort artist, and the next cd might have 'Who, The'.