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Thin Ice
Jul 10, 2001, 12:25 AM
Okay, so Apple are going to release an LCD iMac to, erm, replace the axed cube. Doesn't sound too promising for the new iMac does it? LCD sounds very nice but do we need it? Really? And will we pay more for it? Will the education market pay more for it? The answer to the latter is definitely "no".

So I think I've figured out Apple can only do one of three things.

a) Release the iMac2 at the same price point as the current models. They might just squeeze that in, but surely the iMac is their biggest money spinner and cutting margins would bite into profits. Dumb way to do it.

b) Release the more expensive iMac2 while simultaneously releasing a one-model, clear plastic "iMac Classic" at a reduced price. I like this option.

c) Just release an expensive iMac2 and become "beleaguered" again.

In the second option Apple could gain a HUUUUGE marketshare by selling $500 "iMac Classics" to, well, "the rest of us". I don't know about Steve Jobs, but most people I know can't afford a new computer, let alone an LCD screen for it. But I could sell a $500 iMac to every single one of them. Computing for the unwashed masses.

It doesn't need DVD, CD/R or Firewire and if it comes to it, lose the ethernet port (ADSL can connect over USB). A $500 internet appliance for "the rest of us".


Isn't this what Apple is all about? The VW of computing. Bloody everywhere :) It's a tried and tested product, so there won't be any cracks ;) HUUUUGE marketshare potential as "everyone else" snaps up iMacs.

Hey Steve. Read this and think about it before MWNY. Give the peoples machine to the peoples :)

Jul 10, 2001, 10:27 AM
I like #2.
Makes me think about the clear studio diplay monitor they only made for a little while.

Jul 10, 2001, 06:44 PM
i emailed apple about a classic iMac being all clear shortly after tokyo iMac announcements....... I think apple will probably do this....