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Apr 2, 2005, 07:59 PM
Hi everyone,
I have been trying to get the time to get back on the forum the last few months. I have been needing to get pictures etc, taken of my miniDV Cam that I have been wanting to upgrade from. (I want a Sony Touchscreen) I finally was able to get them rounded up and am finally posting it on the forum.

The camera I'm sellling is the Canon ZR70 MC, it's the top of the line version just before the new line that Canon recently released. I've checked out the new equiv. models and I am surprised that I actually like the previous line & models better. This camera is from the line that you can select the color of the lighted external buttons. The new one's don't have this. It also has the powered hot-shoe on the top, and built in led lighting at the front. The optical zoom is amazing at 22x which most don't go that high, and a digital zoom of 440x. It also pics up sound reallly well.

I bought the camera to take to London on a study abroad, and only ended up using it less than 9 times. It has since been out of the box only 4 or 5 times. It's in perfect shape with the only marks are on one edge of the camera from riding in a Lowe Alpine case. Actual usage of the camera is around 9-11hrs.

It has a ton of features, and I really really like the zoom control. The way it is setup allows you to zoom precicely as slow or fast as you'd like without much dificulty. It is brand new in original box and every single accessory and booklet, wrapper, tie, etc. Comes with a remote control, stock strap and I'll include a custom narrow neoprene pro-strap that I love. 64MB SD card for still images. I can give you the rest of the specs as they are too many to finish listing here.

I am also including a professional Titanium Wide-angle lens. It is 37mm, 0.45x High Res, High Speed Auto focus. It's made of premium-grade professional crystal for complete color spectrum digital passthrough, and full titanium housing. The lens also has a macro for really closeup recording.

Oh, and a $30 High-res UV filter as well, with connection ring. I'd possibly consider throwing the compact Lowe Alpine case too, but I'll need to see how many people want it first.

Retail for the camera with the Ti-lens, UV filter, ring adapter, etc. was about $700. It's a season or so old, and I did use it a handful of times, so I am pretty flexible with the price. It is basically brand new. Excellent-Perfect condition and new in box, so I am thinking around $380 or something?

Give me some feedback, and I can email you pics if you'd like. I'll try to attach a few here as well. I'd rather sell it here to fellow Mac Users who I trust, then to someone I may not know on eBay or whatever. I will be selling it for less here, but it's worth it to me to know someone will be putting it to good use, and on a machine that seems to unite the world together. hahah.

Let me know if you have questions, and feel free to email me if you'd like to see some more pics or whatever.



Apr 2, 2005, 08:16 PM
I uploaded a slightly larger picture of the view with most everything in the shot. If you'd like higher res pics, let me know and I can email you a zip or something. I had to keep these under 100k so they would pass the upload to the forum.