View Full Version : (UK London) WTB low spec apple 12'' laptop for up to 350 (for girlfriend with baby)

Apr 3, 2005, 07:50 AM
(UK / London)


I have up to 350 cash waiting for a low spec apple 12'' laptop, either powerbook or ibook.

It's for my girlfriend who has just had a new baby, so she needs something she can carry around with her plus the baby things, so she can keep up with email/ web/ msn etc.

She find it too hard to manage the baby while sitting at a desk , so she wants something she can use on the sofa etc.

I have already offered to buy her a pismo/ wall street but she finds them too big / heavy to manage with a baby on her lap.

If this is a stupidly low price to offer for a 12'' apple laptop, even an older one, please let me know.

You can:

email me on tomato {at} spc dot org

or from the uk, send me a mobile text message on 0773 64 69900

please send a mobile text message not voice calls cos I can't hear on my phone.