View Full Version : Emailing link from a Turd(pc) to mac

Jul 24, 2011, 11:54 AM
Hi everyone I had a quick question,
The other day I received an email with an attachment that was a link to a graphic design firm(probably created the link on a Mac)The link went to simple page with 2 lines where you would pic either of the download movie types
MOV or WMV. I forwarded the email with the link to my sisters Mac( by all
accounts a latest generation lap top with all the bells and whistles)She got the
message but said she could not get the link to work or open the file(I couldn't
get any more info than that from her:mad:)I just thought the email and these download links would work on a mac(I have a PC and obviously hate using it but
if the link works on my Horrible computer is my sister lying to me(not the first
time:mad:) or does she need another link or file type

Sorry for this Lame question(when I get my Mac I will never have to ask a dumb question again)