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Jul 26, 2011, 02:41 PM
The other day my cat chewed through my sensor bar cord on my Wii (2nd time she has done this). Last time I just ordered a new sensor bar from Nintendo and moved on. This time I decided to go to Radio Shack and buy a battery holder (4 AA works great), and some butt connectors to make my broken sensor bar wireless.

Now that I have a wireless sensor bar I decided that I would give Darwiin another shot, since I now had a practical way to use the IR Mouse feature of it. Then I had an idea - If I can use my Wii Remote as a mouse, why not use it for gaming?

Then I ran into a couple of snags:

Something about the mouse look controls in Portal 2 (and I assume other Source games) doesn't play nice with Darwiin. I can use the Wii Remote as a mouse just fine in the menus, and I even mapped the primary and secondary mouse clicks (shooting portals) to A and B, but I couldn't look around.
I couldn't figure out how to either get the nunchuck to act as a gamepad, or map the directions on the analog stick to WASD (or any other buttons).

I decided to (temporarily) ditch the idea of using the nunchuck thinking that I could either:

Use the Wii Remote mouse along with a keyboard.
Map the movement buttons to the d-pad on the Wii Remote

Both of those worked great, and they're solutions I'm willing to live with.

Which brings me to my very open ended question:
Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on how to further this venture?

Aug 4, 2011, 09:08 PM
I know bumping is frowned upon, but it's been over a week and I've gotten no feedback whatsoever, so I thought I'd see if this got a fresh look by any new ideas at the top. Sorry for the bump, if I don't hear back from anyone this time I'll let it die and figure it out on my own.

Aug 5, 2011, 03:40 AM
Sorry can't be of much help. However there is nothing wrong in bumping a thread up if it's your own, and it's been a week with no responses. Sometimes threads get lost with new more active ones popping up so it's neccessary.