View Full Version : [Resolved] Toast It + AppDelete - New MacBook Pro!?

Jul 29, 2011, 05:05 PM
Okay guys. I have a really strange problem :S

So, i just bought my new MacBook Pro 13" - its brilliant!
But i just realized now, that when i right click, and app icon, it gives me the option to 'Toast It' or 'AppDelete'.

Both were apps, i had on my old MacBook, but i haven't restored from my Time-Machine backup - it's only been plugged in, to drag some files around, to this new machine.

So how the ******* did it get here!? I'm running Lion, and only been installing iLife '11, Skype, Adium.

Does anyone have an idea, how this could have happened?

EDIT: Seem's like i just fixed it. Cleared the cache, and emptied the trash, and they were gone :D

Does anyone, have an idea of what happened?