View Full Version : Ipod Nano 5th Gen issue

Jul 29, 2011, 11:19 PM
Hey Everyone,

I have had an Ipod Nano 5th Gen for awhile now, I believe the november after they came out was when I purchased it.

Not long after I had bought it, it had a problem where it would skip songs or pause... or just begin to fast forward through a song... The issue would be resolved if I turned the ipod off and back on. Resetting and Restoring never worked. The problem has gotten progressively worse, recently I have had to turn it off and on a few times to get it to play songs properly, but now it just won't at all.

I should have returned it but I lost the receipt at the time... The ipod basically has a mind of its own and will do random actions even if it is locked... any tips?