View Full Version : iLife and other application prefs after clean install

Jul 30, 2011, 06:38 AM
I just did a clean install of lion and have two questions.

Everything went fine except that i didn't anticipate not having iLife and iWork applications after the install. So what i did was to copy the apps over from my external HD (where i have time machine backups going wayyyy back). However, when i try to open them, they won't open. For example, iPhoto says says it cannot be opened and i should check that it is able to run on this version of os x. My first question is how do i get my ilife applications back?

My second question is: Is there an easy way to get back the preferences of the applications? What I mean by this is things like smart iTunes playlists, safari bookmarks etc. I had a lot of smart playlists in iTunes before for DJing and now that they're gone i hate the thought of putting them all back together again (lazy, i know i know...)

Like i said I've got all my time machine backups on my computer so worst comes to the worst I can always just go back to how it was before and i'll have wasted a morning but i really would like to keep this fresh install and just get my most necessary apps back up and running.

Any help would be truly appreciated.


Jul 30, 2011, 08:05 AM
okay so i've got the application prefs back but my first question still remains:

how can i use iLife and iWork after a clean install?!