View Full Version : Success! installed 10.5 on ibook!

Aug 6, 2011, 08:24 PM
Installed 10.5 on 800mhz Ibook w 1.12g memory and a 160G HD.

Used the gray replacement DVD start up disc that I purchased through Apple for my macbook since I bought it w out discs. Had to do a terminal cpu speed bump go around, but it fully installed and updated.

Tried usb hd boot drive and a install through macbook to ibook as an external firewire HD w no success. As a last ditch effort before I ran out and bought a firewire external drive i tried this method.


Its not life changing fast, but i can back up iphone and install my new printer on it.

Just thought I'd share this w people trying to squeeze some last breaths out of their old machines.:D