View Full Version : DA converters and audio output on Iphones, Ipads and Ipods

Stu Magoo
Aug 15, 2011, 06:09 PM

I am a professional sound engineer and also sell concert systems for a living. I regularly see iphones and ipods used at festivals or concerts for the "show music" in between bands etc and also being used by touring engineers and performers for playback. I was just wondering about the quality??

I also regularly demonstrate audio systems for sale purposes and if I'm honest I use an iphone 3gs with .wav files which has always done fine. I heard a rumour that iphones/ipods had a high pass filter which rolled off early around 60hz and then didn't work well for sub. I actually played a .wav file (music not pink noise) and put it through smaart which didn't show any obvious hpf so I think this may have been a bit of a myth?

I am just keen to travel with a hard drive audio player and wondered what would be the best quality and also am I safe keeping with Apple and using itunes to play the .wav's. Any advice for high quality transfer software (to convert my cd's) if itunes doesn't cut it would be appreciated.