View Full Version : Time Machine on the new Air taking forever

Aug 17, 2011, 04:12 PM

I upgraded to the new Air from Mid 2010 MacBook Pro and I configured it as a new computer. I have a USB Drive on my AirPort Extreme as a time capsule for my GF's mac and my new air.

The problem started ever since I deleted old TimeMachine and created a new one with my MBA. It takes like 10 minutes to complete 25MB backup, it makes MBA run insanely hot and the problem did not go away in 10.7.1 update. I tried deleting the TM backup and creating a new one, but I have the same issue. My GF's MBP creates backups with no problems.

Is there any other way to "reset" time machine that I do not know of, or is this a normal issue that the new Airs have?