View Full Version : Used Ipod Classic (7th / 160gb). Apple Care and Screen Defect...

Aug 28, 2011, 03:33 PM
I bought a used Ipod Classic yesterday. The back was scratch up and there is some scratch on the screen. Anyway, Prior the sale, the seller gave me the serial number and I confirmed it qualifies for Apple Care for another 6 months.

I as part of the sale, I ran the built in diagnostic and the memory, hard disk, wheel, etc passed the tests.

When I got it home and reset the device to factory and uploaded my stuff, i was playing back a video and noticed some "smudges" in the screen (rather than on top). There are two: one is near the center but at 10 o'clock and is about 1/2 CM. The other is smaller at 6 o'clock near the center and is about 2 mm across. I hadn't noticed them during the screen diagnostic.

Anyway, do these smudges indicate a screen defect? Without Apple Care can I get a warranty exchange if they are a screen defect? Or do I need to apply the Apple Care I ordered online in order to qualify for warranty support?

If they will do a warranty swap before I applied Apple Care, that seems to me to be the ideal thing to do...
Thanks for the responses.