View Full Version : FCP vs FCE, and after effects pro vs standard

Apr 29, 2005, 01:50 PM
ok, so i'm looking to get some graphics software to get my software legitimacy post college going in the right direction. having trained on final cut pro and after effects pro, i am now in the situation of wondering whether i truly "need" all that the more expensive versions afford, versus the lesser priced counterparts (ie, final cut express and after effects standard). i don't have tons of money, so 300 bucks here and there is a big deal to me.

so, folks who have used fcp and fce... what i'll primarily be working with is dv. whether it's putting together my reel or just doing little movie editing, or fine cutting my animations... i don't really use any fancy audio editing in conjunction with final cut, so i don't think i'd need the omf support (hopefully my ignorance on what omf is isn't too glaring). one main thing i'd need is to make sure that FCE HD could open up my current/past final cut pro files... will this be a problem at all? is there anything major that FCP gives me that FCE doesn't have that'd make or break my editing abilities? multicam seems nice, but i don't see a need right now.

as for AE... i pretty much use it for puppet/layer animation. i plan on getting motion, and i own combustion 3 already... so i'm wondering if there's anything stellar that i'd really miss out on for basic layer animation, exporting flash files from AE, etc. if i went with the standard edition. i figure that combustion is very strong at stuff like tracking and stabilizing, and keying, so i'm less worried about that stuff. and filters are nice but then there's combustion again as well as motion probably..

sorry for the ramblings, but if anyone has any insight on the two comparisons and how they stack up, i'd appreciate it. i may very well try to buy some software tonight at the tiger party if they do indeed have a 10% deal... thanks!

Apr 29, 2005, 04:32 PM
You will be more than fine with Standard, especially owning combustion.

Apr 29, 2005, 06:41 PM
ok, cool. thanks!

anyone know if fce can open up fcp files without a problem?

i'll give it a shot at the apple store next time i'm there....