View Full Version : Free iPod offered as incentive for customers

Oct 3, 2002, 09:34 PM
www.speakeasy.net "Broadband provider Speakeasy today announced it will offer free 5GB iPod to customers if they sign up for Speakeasy.net business DSL or T-1 services in October: "Customers come to Speakeasy for innovation and quality -- the same attributes that make the iPod such a great device."

Damn, I wish Comast would have given me a free iPod.

BMW is also offering a free iPod with the purchase of its new F 650 CS motorcyle for a limited time: , "we're kicking in a free Apple iPod and the F 650 CS speaker system. Think of it, listening to up to 1000 of your favorite tunes on the hottest music player out there..."