View Full Version : PM G5 fan advice

Sep 24, 2011, 03:48 PM
I'm posting this to get a few answers....

I have a DP 2.5 GHz air cooled G5 (yes, it's modded) and i'm wondering, instead of using those blasted Delta tri-blade fans, what other fans can i use that is hooked up to their own power source?

I am looking for 4 - 92mm fans that i can hook up to a 3 pin fanbus. Also a couple of 80mm fans to replace the hard drive and PCI slot fans.

They have to have a large CFM rating but low dB so that they will be quiet and don't make the machine sound like a jet engine 24/7.

Reason why i am asking this is because the stock fans i have now, each time i start up any program, they rev up to full then calm down, but it is annoying. My MDD was quieter when i put in some aftermarket fans. So i am wanting to do the same with my G5.

Hopefully this won't mess with the temperature readings that badly that it will cause the mac to go into a freak whenever the original fans aren't in the machine.