View Full Version : Lion install size

Sep 29, 2011, 04:51 PM
Hi can anyone tell me how much the lion install & ilife takes up on a new MBA.

I am think of getting one for her indoors and it will be most likely be the 13.3" i5 1.7ghz & 128gb ssd.

Her itunes library currently sits at about 44Gb ... hence the need to get an idea how much space is left after Lion and ilife / itunes is installed

thanks in advance

Sep 29, 2011, 05:19 PM
From memory last time I did it a clean Lion install weighs in between 5 to 6 gig

not sure how much the iLife apps will add to that (I never use them personally) but cant see it being much more than a gig or two more

Sep 29, 2011, 07:51 PM
I don't have an Air, but on my MBP I have a 128GB SSD and this is how my drive space breaks down:

Lion + 7GB of apps (including most of iLife [no garageband], iWork, MS Office, Chrome, Firefox.. etc) + 29GB iTunes Library + 4GB of documents + other random files (Library and whatnot) + a 36GB Boot camp partition.

I still have nearly 40GB free.

128GB is plenty. I was pretty worried too, but it is lots.