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Oct 5, 2002, 07:23 PM
These items are for sale or trade for these items:
-Broken or Working Powerbooks/Ibooks/Pc Laptops. No LCD necessary.

p3-450 + passive heatsink
Abit Be-6
$60 shipped for the combo

Slot A Tbird 700 (O/Cs to 900 easily, maybe 1ghz)
Maximizer goldfinger Overlocking device
Panaflo Orb [HUGE]
Brand New Abit KA7-100 motherboard w/raid
$75 shipped

Voodoo 5 5500 PCi 64mb Video Card
$50 shipped

Intel Celeron 433 Socket 370-Like New
$20 Shipped

NCD HMX motherboard+10baset Nic
This is a Terminal with 8mb edo onboard, 4 72 pin edo simm slots
Onboard Audio+video+2 serial ports - takes AT power
64 bit Mips R4600@100mhz cpu. This is an interesting project for someone with more time on their hands than me, could be an mp3 or irc terminal?
$20 shipped

Sgi 320 Visual Workstation Motherboard. This thing is badass. It takes one or two slot 1 p3 processors (with added VRM)
256mb of Specialized Sgi Dimms
$100 shipped for combo[ram goes for about $100 alone on ebay]

Sgi Visual Workstation Case - Good Mod Project, interesting Hydraulic stealth door on the front.

Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95 License Together from HP - Still Sealed Fully legal. -$20 shipped

Box O' Assorted Weird Stuff
-Socket 7 pentium 75 cpu
-Dead MSi ms-6340 Matx socket A.
-Logitech wireless mouse - works, missing keyboard - so base station and mouse.
- dead 1.2gig laptop hdd
-assorted 30 and 72 pin simms, various sizes some weird looking 30 pins
-cool little blue project box. 2"tall x2"widex5"long. has phone jack and professional microphone style plugs
-Pentium 2 233 w/passive heatsink, works fine.
All this for the low low price of $25 shipped!

You pick up in Santa Barbara, CA DEC Storage Works Rack Enclosure:


I've got heatware under Vultures.Email me at halrnd@yahoo.com

Oct 14, 2002, 03:52 PM
$2 for the box of assorted stuff