View Full Version : A Download Timeline with Processes

Oct 12, 2011, 01:59 PM
Download timeline: (Windows 7Pro, 64bit system).

Started download at 1:08PM EST and timed out at 1:37PM. Connection lost. Reconnection and starting over from scratch...arg.

UPDATE: Download complete at 1:46PM. Let the Updating begin.

1. 1:46PM - Backing up of my iPad started automatically.

2. 1:50PM - Backup complete. "iTunes is restoring the software on this iPad"

3. 1:58PM - iPad restarting.

4. 1:59PM - Message: "This computer has previously been synced with an iPad or another IOS Device." "Restoring iPad from backup". "Time remaining about 3 minutes". hmm? This is odd.

5. 2:06PM - iPad restarting again.

6. 2:07PM - "Restoring iPad Apps".

7. 2:17PM - "Restoring iPad Apps" continues. iTunes doesn't respond to mouse clicks and iPad screen blank...puzzling!

8. 2:32PM - iTunes begins complete resync of iPad and begins resyncing/adding back music, apps, photos, etc.

9. 2:35PM - SUCCESS. Have Patience.

* Total Time: About 1 Hour once download complete. IOS 5.0 installed and device released to my control.

** Two new core apps: Newstand and Reminders.

*** iPod App now called "Music".