View Full Version : Can I merge my MobileMe and Apple ID?

Oct 12, 2011, 03:34 PM
Previously I had a MobileMe account for synchronising my settings between my devices. Today I transferred this MobileMe to iCloud and got the free 20GB storage upgrade.

In iTunes, App Store etc. I have been using my Apple ID (my gmail) for a long time. Since I'm not using my MobileMe Mail I think that there is no longer any reason for using this account?

Therefore I chose to use my Apple ID for my iCloud in iOS5. But in Lion I have an option to create a @Me.com email, for my Apple ID. Can I transfer my old MobileMe account email for the Mail in the Apple ID instead of creating a brand new Me-address?

Are there any other reasons for using my old MobileMe adresse as login for iCloud on my devices instead of my Apple ID? I just think it would be confusing using different logins for iCloud, Store etc.

Oct 12, 2011, 04:58 PM
I thought the rumor mill was reporting that Apple was making it so you could merge an iTunes Store Apple ID and a MobileMe Apple ID... Having them separate is making the process of moving over to iCloud more painful than I'd like.

TIP: Change your MobileMe password on your iOS device under Mail, Contacts, Calendars -->>BEFORE<<-- you change it under "iCloud". If you try and change it under "iCloud" first, it gives you an error dialog that cannot be cleared except by rebooting the device.