View Full Version : Multiple IDs. confused.

Oct 13, 2011, 09:36 AM
I know this has probably been asked a bazillion times but with iCloud i'm hoping there is some change to the situation. Basically i have too many emails and i want to streamline my workflow.

First is my Gmail account which i've had for years, this was my original Apple ID with lots of purchases, this is also the account i use for the Mac AppStore.

Then a year a go i wanted the nice integration of contacts, calendar etc.. so i bought a MobileMe account. I started using this for my business email, this was the account i used for syncing my information too.

Then i decided i wanted a more professional email for my business with my proper domain instead of @me.com it's not very professional so now i'm using Office365 Outlook services for my business domain.

Ok so now i've moved over to iCloud and using the @me.com address for iMessage, Find my Friends, Facetime, etc etc..

In a perfect world i would transfer my purchases to @me.com account, use this for personal/apple stuff and then use my domain for business, ditching the gmail account. Is this possible?

What if i happened to lose my gmail account? what can Apple do to help me keep my purchases? or would i lose them all?

What if i used my gmail.com account to sign up to iCloud? will i have 2 icloud accounts? afaik icloud gives u @me account? so i would i end up with another @me account after using my gmail account?