View Full Version : Can I sort or filter iTunes by apple ID purchaser?

Oct 18, 2011, 02:41 PM
Can I sort iTunes by Apple ID purchaser?

The reason I ask is, my brother and I shared some music back when we were both in the same household - I could just get the password from him, but I really don't want the music he had bought anymore anyway. Is there an easy way to cleanup these songs from my library? Right now, I know there are at least 64 songs of his bc my iPhone gives me the message they can't be synced due to a missing password.

I googled and came up with nothing. Surely there has to be a way other than manually going through the list popping up when I sync (and even at that, those are just songs that are trying to sync - there may be others in the library that I don't sync to anything).

Thanks -