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Oct 22, 2011, 03:10 PM
Can someone out there help me?

I want to download the new iOS 5.

I have a MacBook that I use for my work, so it has to have a Windows partition or whatever. I need to run Windows so that I can access Examining Boards secure log-ins that will not work on the Apple platform.The icon on the desktop tells me it uses 22.11GB, which is a lot

When I cleared my hard drive of memory, I got it down to 8 (or so) GB free, which I though was pretty good.

I then tried to download the iOS 5, but it told me that my hard drive did not have enough memory and the download seemed to 'abort'.

Now I cannot get the available memory up from around 2GB. I've deleted all my music in iTunes, have practically no pictures in iPhoto, have used MaCleanse, and I still have no-where near enough free memory to try to download iOS 5.

Has the attempted download left 'stuff' hiding on my hard drive?

Can someone suggest what I should do. apart from 'Buy a new Mac'?