View Full Version : TeckNet, Snugg or Yoobao

Oct 25, 2011, 09:24 AM
I'm having such a hard time choosing between these 3 cases for my iPad 2.

TeckNet: http://www.tecknetonline.co.uk/products/TeckNet-Apple-iPad-2-Leather-Case-With-Magnetic-Sleep-Wake-Feature.html
Snugg: http://www.thesnugg.com/ipad-2-cases/snugg-ipad-2-case-cover-and-flip-stand-in-black-leather.aspx
Yoobao: http://www.yoobao.com/en/product.asp?b_id=146&m_id=200&a_id=468

The Yoobao have had troubles with smell and that the magnetic lock activates the sleep- & wakefunction of the iPad when the folio is folded two-way. I heard that they have fixed this in later revisions, is this true? I really like the fact that it doesn't cover up all of the sides of the screen so you can see that beautiful white color(I have a white iPad2 aswell).

The TeckNet looks really sweet and professional.. but why is it only 10$?? That makes me so suspicious. Is it not as good material as the other 2? I have no idea. Also it covers up the sides so you can't see the white color of the iPad2 very well, which is a shame.

The Snugg looks awesome and I love the little wrist-holder band on the inside of the case. But this case also covers up the sides of the screen so the white doesn't really show.

But yeah, anyone who has any of these and can give a testimonial? :)

Nov 9, 2011, 05:13 PM
No one? :/