View Full Version : B/W Multfunctional Laser DADF network scanning capabilities 10.7

Nov 6, 2011, 03:23 AM
Dear all

I'm looking for a

-B/W laserprinter (no color)
-Duplex auto document feeder
-Network scanning possibilities
- +/- 700-1000 USD
-scan to pdf
- copy
- auto duplex printing

I don't do a lot of prints a month, maybe +/- 1000. But it needs all these functionalities.

I found a couple of canons like mf5840dn and MF5940dn but none of them support network scanning to 10.6.

I have 3 different HP products but they all lack a good 10.7 support, like the scanjet 5550c etc.

I don't mind HP but they really are running behind things when i come to support the new 10.x ....

Every brand is possible. If somebody has user experience would be great!

Nov 6, 2011, 07:31 AM
Found the SCX-5737FW any advise on this one?

Can't find the scan to network is supported under mac os 10.7...

Nov 6, 2011, 07:59 AM
Been here and have done this.

The consumer market is not going to be your best option. Reasons are the doc feeder is going to be limited <25-50 at a time, with no continuation mode to keep going.

You may be better off looking at business copiers on Craigslist or the like. You will get a Ethernet port, scanning, printing, fax etc. plus the business machines can handle the volume and speed. They auto save to PDF or jpg in any quality you choose- just plug it into your router and send your scans to a network folder (I use a WebDAV) on an subs server shared scan folder. I can access that folder anywhere in the world- live on any iOS device and my Mac.

I went with a copystar CS-5050; expensive to be sure- but got it on a backruptcy liquidation. If you have the room, and the paitence to find a good deal- get a business model for your needs (commercial). Just my .02