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Oct 11, 2002, 05:00 AM
Most of you will likely get this email but it says Dear Former iTools Member,

Frankly, we hate having to address you that way. When we realized we were going to have to start charging for the iTools services or abandon them altogether, we worked hard at pulling together a package absolutely worth paying for. We're sorry we haven't persuaded you to join, even at the reduced price ($49.95 for the first year) available to iTools members until October 14, 2002.

But we're stubborn. And optimistic. And .Mac has continual change built into its DNA. Anticipating the day when you'll be ready to join .Mac because you want the software and services it's delivering, we'll keep reserving your old iTools member name, and you can continue to use it with iChat and the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger. Then when the time comes, you can use it as your .Mac member name when you sign up.

October 14, 2002 is the last day you'll be able to access your iTools Mac.com Email, home pages and iDisk if you don't join .Mac before then. If you need help retrieving any email messages and files before that happens, click here for the .Mac FAQ. We hope we'll have an opportunity to serve you again in the future.


Apple Computer

This means you can use iChat without .Mac or AOL which is kinda good of Apple..what do you think..

Oct 11, 2002, 08:41 AM
I signed up. I figure that free anti-virus software remote backups and web hosting were worth paying for. Don't really use the mail account though,

Oct 11, 2002, 11:20 AM
As I type, I am signing up for .Mac (I have a third arm, lived near a power plant in the early nineties).