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Nov 27, 2011, 09:02 PM
iTunes Link:http://itunes.apple.com/app/id478782012
Talking Panda is a funny Kung Fu Kid you cannot miss!!!
He shows Kung Fu(nunchakus and more), responds to your touch and swipe and repeats everything you say with a cute voice.

★★★How To Play★★★

✔ Talk to Panda and he will repeat everything you say with a cute voice.
✔ Poke his head, belly hands or feet.
✔ Swipe his head to slap him.
✔ Swipe his body to turn him around and make him dizzy.
✔ Swipe his feet to stumble him down.
✔ Bring his bamboo shoots.
✔ Pour a glass of orange for him.
✔ Let him show his spinning nunchakus.
✔ Throw ninja darts to him and can he dodge?

Enjoy playing with Panda.

➔ On devices with slower processor(iPhone 3G, iPod Touch with iOS5), animations may be a little sluggish.
➔ There are notifications in this app, but you get the control of on or off.