View Full Version : A "Hypothetical" Question

Dec 2, 2011, 08:06 AM
So, hypothetically, let's say that some kind soul had created 720p versions of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, i.e. the untouched ones. And provided them for download for those who wished to have them.

And let's hypothetically say that someone downloaded them and upon opening, saw an ISO, which he mounted and ended up with a folder that contained 2 folders BDMV and CERTIFICATE. Any advice on how one would get a playable video file from this? Just direct Handbrake to the mounted file and let it go?


Dec 2, 2011, 08:21 AM
Forgetting Star Wars or whatever for the moment, this might help with the general question of how to convert this type of video:


Dec 2, 2011, 08:08 PM
FYI. Handbrake worked just fine.