View Full Version : Putting list in collumn numbers

Dec 17, 2011, 01:17 PM
Hey guys,
I have made a list of extracted finance.yahoo data containing all the numbers on a balance sheet in applescript and i want to put it in numbers cells
What i need to do now is to
put item 1 of list2010 in cell E2
put item 2 of list2010 in cell E3
Could you please help me how to do this task faster?
it is has to go to E38xD
and also i have tried this
A + 1
A is still 1?
how do i add one to A and make it a permanent change to A?
It is to loop like this
A = 2
B = 1
repeat 38 times
set value of cell E"A" to item B of list2010
A + 1
B + 1

thank you so much for helping a noob out:)