View Full Version : Incorrect Song Sorting from iPod nano 2G

Dec 23, 2011, 01:08 AM
So a while back, I bought a nano 2G off a friend because I wanted an iPod to just keep plugged in my car. However, whenever I go through it, the sorting is incorrect. If I go to songs (I have a Clarion NZ500), it is sorted by artist first, then songs instead of just songs. For example, my first song should be "About Us", a song by an artist beginning with a 'B', as it is when i plug in my iPhone 4. However, with the nano, it instead has "Thunderstruck" first, the song from AC/DC. Since it is correct when I plug in my iPhone, I do not think it is the radio. Any way to correct this? It has the latest software version on it.