View Full Version : iPad 2 (IOS 5) to HDMI TV -- Dongle or Apple TV2?

Dec 27, 2011, 07:12 PM
I subscribe to an online photo training site and want to watch it while on a rowing machine. I want to get it from my iPad 2 to an HDMI compatible TV.

My understanding is that I can use the Apple HDMI adaptor with an HDMI cable to connect the iP2 to the TV -- because of IOS5 I will get exact mirroring -- even if the online site is not set up to transmit content over HDMI.

Is there any advantage to using an Apple TV2? My understanding is that I will use an HDMI cable from the TV2 to my television. The iPad 2 need not be connected to the TV2 -- and I will get mirroring and my online site will show up whether or not it is transmitting content over HDMI. Am I right?

The advantage I see to TV2 is that the iPad can be next to me should I want to make changes without getting off the rower.

Will the TV2 also stream content from my MacBookPro?

Have I missed something?

Thanks, in advance.