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Jun 3, 2005, 07:19 PM
Im curious if any of you all could share your knowledge or observations in regards to contemporary aesthetic design in the graphic design field/ or fine art field even.

Whats popular? Im not talking about objects or items im talking about "aesthetics". Like for example I know that currently what im seeing in contemporary novel t shirts are one spot color simple line art prints sometimes presented in irregular spots on the shirts... like on the shoulder blade area... extended to the front... or way at the bottom and crossing the side... irregularly.

Im looking for observations, from you all who know what im talking about, in relation to what designs or motifs etc. that are popular. I know that a lot of our currnet designs are very retro with a modern flair but thats been around for sometime now.

I guess one spot that current design aesthetics hits constantly to a wide audience is mtv... and im not talking about just 3d animation or motion graphics ... im talking about 2d designs. Most designs start on a 2d plane anyways.

Also... i wanted to see some avant garde designs or aesthetics what source materials would you all recommend?... magazines, books, brochures.... etc.

I hope you all understand what im kind of talking about here and im assuiming this knoweldge is free not requiring a fee or instruction in class!

Jun 4, 2005, 02:24 PM
Well, regarding t-shirts, the popular ones right are the ones that look like they were bought at a thrift store. Just like old jeans. If the decal is cracked and peeling off a well-worn t-shirt, all the better.

But I'm not sure how t-shirt styles relate to the overall "contemporary aesthetic design" you want to discuss. That's a very broad topic that has different answers depending on what industry and part of the world you're talking about.

Jun 4, 2005, 02:56 PM
Gritty and disordered seems to be most popular style now. I happen to like it I use it in alot of designs and its not particularly hard to do.

Jun 5, 2005, 12:09 PM
thanks for the responses. yeah "gritty and disordered".... thats exactly what im talking about. clothes looking like they are bought at a thrift store..... yeah man. i know t shirts are just part of it all and the aesthetics may change with whatever you are talking about.. but im just trying to focus a little on generals here. for example the "retro" look is in... but its not conveyed all the time... what else is? questions and answers like this are what im shooting for here. just hit me with something.... i dont care if you wrong.... or whatever... i just would like a discussion of this going on here.... speak your mind .... thats the important thing... not whether what you said is correct... or being worried about what im trying to ask for.

Jun 5, 2005, 09:56 PM
I would reccomend print magazine, and also comm arts. Those are some of my favorites.

Jun 5, 2005, 10:09 PM
If you haven't seen these websites I would recommend you take a look at them.

gigposters (http://www.gigposters.com)
designiskinky (http://www.designiskinky.com)

and a local Seattle poster designer 33rpm Design (http://www.33rpmdesign.com)

Jun 16, 2005, 04:28 PM
bricolage folks!..... bricolage.