View Full Version : Opinions on rotating case from ebay

Jan 11, 2012, 06:00 PM
Im looking for a case for my ipad. Its an ipad 2 and this will be my first case.
I like the targus click-in but its expensive, i have tried it and the ipad didn't seem safe when it was on the stand(the cover folded) and to be honest i don't want to spend much money on a case.
I was looking online and saw these on ebay:



But i was wondering if it is actually any good. I don't expect real leather of course but i would just like to know if its durable, if the rotation works good, if the ipad fits well on it and how are the materials. Basically, an overall opinion on it. I like the grey one ( second picture) better but they seem to be both the same thing, only different colors.
I looked at the "show me your case" thread in hopes to see them there and i already saw i few and some details on it but not much more. I was looking for one like this that rotates vertically and horizontally mostly because of documents, like this you can read them better i think.


Jan 12, 2012, 05:37 PM
No one? I really need to get a case and i would like to get the grey one that i posted but i dont know if it will last or if its any good =/