View Full Version : Ben Folds and an iBook

Oct 18, 2002, 11:23 PM
Ben Folds, currently on what seems like the first leg of his live album tour made a stop in philadelphia tonight. I was there and Ben Lee opened for him. While on stage Ben said he was working on the an "Australian National Anthem" with Ben Lee. Then Ben Lee came to stage with Fold's 12inch ibook and his powerbook in hand. They proceeded to do an acoustic and piano cover of "When I think about you I touch myself" by reading off their respective screens. Several shouts of "Yeah Apple" and "Go Macs" could be heard from the crowd (I didnt have anything to do with this;) ) All an all a good humorous show and showing how Ben Folds is the perfect hipster mascot for Apple. (they should get Coldplay next)