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Feb 6, 2012, 02:36 AM
iPad game for kidís development Tappie Puzzles is one of the most popular iPad games among children aged 4+ It entertains and educates at the same time, allowing a child to discover the Earth in the form of an adventurous journey.


There are 5 main locations in the game a kid may feel free to start with:
- a desert
- North Pole
- South Pole
- jungle
- Native Americans
Ö and 3 more extra themes:
- Aliens
- Satellite
- Penguins


The game starts after the location was tapped. This is the North Pole location where the task is to build an ice igloo for a polar bear. Each location is nicely animated and after the level is completed a young player is rewarded by a movie.


Desert and jungle themes. There puzzles of each location differ, which keeps a kid interested in this game till the very end. There is also a great bonus for parents: besides being able to occupy children for a long stretches of time, this iPhone game also has very calm and pleasant music and ambient sound which never irritate.

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