View Full Version : iMill + iBells - iPhone Game Graphics & Design

Feb 6, 2012, 05:26 AM
Good day to all iPhone game graphics developers and onlookers. Check this couple of games we’ve developed for iPhone: iMill and iBells.


These games are completely entertaining and very simple. There was a lot of work on 3D graphics design development done when creating the iMills game. Here is the title page illustration of this iPhone game graphics. The game itself is simple, so our main task was to develop perfectly beautiful 3D illustrations and animations.


iBells game is very simple, too. You choose the bell, shake your iPhone and enjoy the nice sound.


This is how the main menu of the game looks like. Again, our task was to develop nice and charming game design.


The result is the following. What do you think about this iPhone game graphics design? Please feel free to leave your critique and comments. You can also check both games at our website if you visit http://fgfactory.com/portfolio/iphone/iMill and http://fgfactory.com/portfolio/iphone/iBells

Thank you for your attention!