View Full Version : Making a small chat-client with parse.com?

Feb 13, 2012, 09:16 AM
Just wanted to ask if anybody knows of a good tutorial on how to set up a small chat-client with facebook login in ios and link it to parse?

Been sitting here thinking about how to tackle this best, and thought I'd ask before I investigate this further on my own. My googling hasn't really proven fruitful yet.

Their site is full of good examples and their sdk is easy to use, but since I've never actually done a chat-client before in ios it would be great to have somebody hold my hand in the initial stages at least ;)

Anyway, any tips are welcome :)


I've been checking out a couple of free chat widgets for websites and tried to integrate them into a uiwebview instead (makes it easier to convert to android etc later). I've tried chatango (did not display anything) and checked out meebo (which is based on flash, so is a no go).

Is there a free html chatclient that is targeted for mobile devices and will work in a uiwebview that you know of?