View Full Version : What do you do after you lug your classic Mac home?

Oct 21, 2002, 10:53 PM
I saw the following on another thread and it got me thinking.

Originally posted by blakespot

My god that is fine. I would love to have that. My closest item is an original Mac 128 that was the 1491st unit ever produced (or something like that -- I've got it on record somewhere, based on SN). Grabbed it for $125 a few months back. It's in the attic in a Mac-tote bag - no space for display...

I started collecting Macs about a year ago (that means actively getting other people's old machines in addition to not throwing away all the stuff I accumulate on my own). Looking around my office, I can see about 13 desktop machines, 11 laptops, 6 PDAs, assorted monitors, scanners, printers, external drives, parts, and there are many more machines, parts, and software packed away in boxes. Oh, and I have started picking up old Mac books lately. I have about 5 machines on display (128k, Portable, PB100, Duo 210, eMate 300), although they don't all work at the moment...

So the question stands, what do you do with the old machines you lug home from the flea market, or have sent to you from some eBayer?

Oct 21, 2002, 11:12 PM
Hook um up and turn them on.