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Jun 15, 2005, 08:22 PM
Just upgraded my PB to Tiger today.

Max/MSP required to be re-authenticated after the move. Cycling74 was very quick to reply to my email (within a hour)

Max opened, and i got a message in the Max window saying it couldnt find Jsui. To fix this i just copied over the "JSRef.shlb" from my old library/CFMSupport to my current CFMSupport folder.

Also when trying to open Max for the first time it prompted me to install the new PACE extensions for iLok, which i then proceeded to do.

Tested 3 patches that are fairly complex and they seem to be working just as well as they were before.

More extensive testing to be done later this week/early next week.

Maybe some good news for us Max users. :)

Jun 16, 2005, 05:12 AM
Sorry mate, I should have got back on this last week.

We had much the same issues for the Degree Show presentations on the new PowerBooks, went through pretty much the same process you describe, (had an iLok issue on one machine that turned out to need re-installation), and then ran 6 or 7 patches ranging from auto-mixing to audio manipulation with light.

No problems, seems to run as advertised.

I'm a happier bunny now.

Jun 16, 2005, 05:08 PM
No problems, seems to run as advertised.

I'm a happier bunny now.

Great, good to hear that!

So far about 85%-95% of my patches work normally, however something is weird in one of my fft objects (which i think is found on maxobjects, then rebuilt parts of it do do the processes i needed it to...cant remember anymore..hehe). It says it is missing some part of the code inside the object??? Ok. And i am getting some weird issues sometimes with random grains in my live graincloud object being distorted or are the wrong transposition. Ehh..both are fairly minor bugs. Ill iron them out on a day when i dont have a headache, and have a 6-pack.

I just figured i would post this thread to give others a little crash course in getting Max to run under Tiger (that is if we have any other Max users..lol)