View Full Version : Documents in the Cloud/Time Machine

Feb 19, 2012, 11:06 AM
Does ML store local copies of Documents in the Clud (iWork docs)? As a former MobileMe customer, I don't trust Apple to maintain the only copy of a document on its servers. Also, if copies of the docs are stored locally, are these local copies backed up by Time Machine? Thanks.

Feb 19, 2012, 01:58 PM
As far as I know you can store them either on your HD or in iCloud. To Sync them you'll have to store them in the respective iWork App. Then there is a copy on your HD and on the cloud server. I don't think iCloud will sync Finder stuff because there is no Finder on iPad.
Well, and TM backs up everything on your HD. I don't know anything about TM making Backups of iCloud.

Chris Grande
Feb 20, 2012, 12:48 AM
Your iCloud documents are currently stored locally at ~/Library/Mobile Documents. Time Machine does backup/version this folder. However the current implementation of the iWork apps don't read restored iCloud documents correctly without a little kicking to get the files to appear. Other iCloud enabled apps seem to have no trouble with Time Machine restored files.

Apple really needs to implement Versions/Backup of iCloud documents and data and make it easy for users to access.