View Full Version : Rich Notification Using Xtify Help Please!

Feb 29, 2012, 11:46 PM
I use Xtify for push notifications and am trying to implement their Rich Notifications. The way their sample apps work, you get a rich notification, click open, the app opens, and navigates to the inbox to display the rich notification. The issue is that their samples and guides do not use IB at all. I created my app as a Tab Bar application using MainWindow.xib that houses the App Delegate, and Tab Bar Controller. When I try a rich notification, it will open the box, but not navigate to the notification because a main navigation controller has not been set. MainWindow.xib has Tab Bar Controller as root, first tab has a navigation controller that can navigate to the inbox where all notifications are stored at. Could anyone give me some ideas?

Mar 1, 2012, 02:55 AM
I guess there is an API in the Appdelegate that will guide you to the notification block you mentioned before.
Instead, just do [self.tabbarController setSelectedIndex:0] and set a property there or something similair. It's not that much different, the pointer it's looking for is just somewhere else, you need to guide the API to it kind off..