View Full Version : Two viewControllers, but 1 viewController Scene in Storyboard

Mar 4, 2012, 11:50 AM
A little background. i have two viewControllers each with their own objects, but i would like to put them into one viewController Scene.

In my ViewController2, there is an IBOutlet UIImageView *drawImage which is supposed to be connected to a UIImageView in the one viewController Scene which is ViewController1's view controller scene.

In the only view controller scene, this UIImageView is embeded on a View(lets call it View2) which belongs to the ViewController2 and in that controller is all the code responsible for recognising the finger strokes.

This View2 that i previously mentioned is sitting in another bigger View(lets call this View1). So it is like View2 in View1(main).

View1 = ViewController1 and the second smaller View2 = ViewController2.

Two different ViewControllers(.h & .m), 1 View Controller Scene in storyboard.

Any idea how i can achieve it?