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Jun 20, 2005, 04:49 PM
I have a 12 inch PowerBook with a possible cracked LCD. I dropped it while it was in a backpack as I was walking down the stairs. I sent it to Apple and they said that it was a cracked LCD, but they didn't even touch it. I am very unhappy with their shoddy support and have looked at these two sites that say they can fix it for me. Has anyone had any experience with them? Can you recommend one over the other? Thank you in advance.



Also, if anyone has had a good experience with any other sites, please let me know. These two sites quoted me a price of about $400-$500, while Apple said $1,200. Money is not a huge issue, but as anyone I would like to pay the least while still have the best quality service performed on my PowerBook.

Jun 21, 2005, 01:56 PM
Apple doesn’t support user damage. I just replaced my HD on my 12"PB- quite the task. Take a look at www.PBfixIt.com. [URL=http://www.pbfixit.com/Guide/53.21.0.html] to see all that's involved.

There shouldn't be to much difference in the service or parts you get from either vender. Apple offers repair, but their costs are exorbitant, partly to encourage people to purchase Apple Care (which this wouldn't of covered) and partly because all dealers (just like the car companies) charge a rate for labor and parts, as though they were building the machine from scratch. This discourages building machines from ‘spare’ parts. Weird – I know, but this is how it was explained to me.

I am sorry this happened to you. The cost you have been quoted is roughly 50% of what the machine is worth. You can get the data off if plug in an external monitor. You might be better off parting or selling off the old machine and getting a new one. I know I contemplated that for my damaged machine.