View Full Version : Any Icelander's After the new iPad (from Canada)?

Mar 9, 2012, 01:57 AM
So I'm tentatively travelling to Amsterdam for Asymconf with a stopover in Iceland for a few days and am looking for a way to subsidize my travel costs and help out any Icelanders looking to grab one of the new iPads as I'm a rogue scholar currently.

Last time I was there I recalled a few people lamenting the fact that Apple products are crazily marked up there or are just plain unavailable so maybe I can help with that. I travel really light (carry-on only) so I could bring an iPad or two over or maybe something else available in Canada you're looking for.

I'm not looking to make a fortune doing this, just enough to cover some of my airfare and hopefully help someone out.

I plan to be traveling between April 8th and 16th probably stopping over on the way to Amsterdam. Please respond soon so I can firm up my plans.

Takk fyrir,