View Full Version : Wacom Bamboo or SGP Kuel K12?

Mar 15, 2012, 04:25 PM
So I'm currently looking at two stylus' to use for my notes at school. I've had an ACase stylus before the the tip was far too soft. I had just ordered an Adonit Jot, only to cancel my order because I don't think it would be good for general iPad use like browsing the web.

Here are the two I am looking at:

Wacom Bamboo Stylus (https://www.wacom.com/en/Store/Pages/Product.aspx?product=CS100K&crumb={76CB5E34-50C0-47A5-9F4C-18F96EF2D487})

Spigen SGP Kuel H12 (http://www.spigen.com/tablets/apple/the-new-ipad/sgp-stylus-pen-kuel-h12-series.html)

I really like the look of the Bamboo, however I have heard that the tip wears really fast, something I'm not fond of.

I like the SGP as well as it is retractable and the tip will be secure when I'm not using it, I also like the price a little better. My only worry is the tip is soft the ACase.

Do any of you have experience with any of these styli?

What are some pros/cons of either of them.

Mar 15, 2012, 09:53 PM
Sorry, but I think Jot Pro is the best. Bamboo would be the 2nd best.

Why? Because most people say so on this forum from using them.

I just bought Jot Pro myself and it got delivered 2 days ago. It is VERY responsive to writing or tapping on options.

Jot Pro hands down is the best.