View Full Version : Best case for New iPad that is similar to the Apple iPad 1 case?

Mar 18, 2012, 01:56 PM

After reading this (and other forums/posts) I returned my Apple Smart Covers:

Even if it only happened to a few people, I don't want to risk putting scratches/dents/holes in the side of my iPad if there is a chance it could happen. With the original iPad case, it fit the iPad 1 perfectly and there was no cause for concern, scratching, etc..

Does anyone know of a good case that is similar to the Apple iPad 1 Case?

I've read through the past 10-20 case threads on here, this one comes close but adds a lot of bulk:

Then there is another thread about the Yoobla case, which looked like the Apple one but there are reports it smells of chemicals etc.