View Full Version : Strapped Case???

Mar 18, 2012, 06:36 PM
I've never owned an iPad before but will be buying one this week. I have a Sena case (Hampton) that I use on my iPhone 4S and the case/phone fit easily within my pockets. That, obviously, can't be said about an iPad. I like to have my hands free when walking about, and all the great cases I've seen seem to suggest that you have to actually carry the tablet in your hand or pack it in a briefcase or backpack.

Does anyone make a slim type carrying case/folio that actually has some kind of a messenger bag strap system? Or how about a chest/back holdster that keeps it affixed to your back or chest for inconspicious carrying beneath a jacket?

I drop things from time to time...and don't like the idea of having to walk around carrying a larger object that I could drop or could be knocked out of my hands or easily grabbed by someone with thievery in mind....