View Full Version : Unable to Boot from CCC Backup Disk

Mar 25, 2012, 10:15 PM
Hello All,

I tried to search to find a solution to this but could not find a good answer..

Here is what I need to do: I have a MBP 17 with 128GB SSD (Snow Leopard) that I cloned to a 500GB USB and was trying to boot my new 2011 Macbook Air from this USB but it won't boot (It recognizes the USB drive and trying to boot but the screen goes blank). I found the required drivers for 2011 MBA are not present in the USB thus it won't boot.

Is it possible to put the CCC backup copy to the Air and keep using the Snow Leopard with exactly same applications and settings to keep everything same as I used on MBP 17 before?

I will try to perform Migration Assistant but I'm not sure if everything will be the same other than the OS which is now Lion. Few months ago, I did try Time Machine restore on different Macbook, but it was not as perfect as restore from CCC backup copy.

Any input will be appreciated.