View Full Version : Apple has made me dumb!!

Mar 26, 2012, 03:47 PM
Ok, so I decide that I want to build a hackintosh to replace my G5. I pick up a nice quiet case and power supply, Sandy Bridge celeron etc. Well it worked for over the weekend just fine. Come Sunday though I migrate my over from the G5 it all goes great until I can't boot anymore. I proceed to reinstall stuff a couple more times won't boot without iBoot. So I say ******* it I'll make it a nice Linux box I can set that up in my sleep, well like Jeff Foxworthy said I useta could..So now the HD's are back in the G5 I'm cloning back to the SSD and I'm going to trade that stuff for some more storage..

Mar 28, 2012, 07:49 PM
HackPro is working!!