View Full Version : MBA or MBP with Ipad

Mar 27, 2012, 04:43 AM

One of my colleagues is selling his MBA 128 SSD (late 2010 model) for 775.
One week ago, I sold my 2007 Macbook for a couple of hundred euros.
I also have an Ipad 2 3G 16GB that I am not using very much at home, but mostly on the road when I am on vacation.
MBA or MBP, my mac will stay mostly home (will move from bedroom second floor to living room ground floor, or vice versa) .
Therefore I was thinking more of an MBP that has graphic ability to play Diablo III. In a big store they are selling an MBP 13' with 8Gb RAM for 1200. Would be OK to run Diablo III? I am a casual gamer, but I really want this title!
It is a hard choice: if I buy the MBA I will only need 400 more to what i got from my previous Mac, if I go for the MBP I will need to put 900 extra. But I could buy it with 3 installments as well.
The MBP 15' is an option but man, 1700, is that worth investing for games I am playing once in a while, being father of 2?

Thank you for your advices,

"Just call me Mac"